Fantasy Meeting Recap

Hello dear readers,

Last week the theme of our meeting was fantasy.

To emerge ourselves into the world of fantasy we first watched two videos: the opening song of The Last Unicorn, and the trailer for Warcraft, based on the video game World of Warcraft.

We then did a writing activity in which everyone began with an opening sentence of a story as a prompt and wrote for two minutes. Once the two minutes passed the paper was given to the next person, and they continued writing the story for two minutes. This pattern continued until the story was in the hands of its original author once again. The writer was then given a generous five minutes to finish the story. If you would like to read the stories (which you totally should) then scroll down and read the previous five posts entitled “Surprises of the Forest”, “The Time of the Beasts”, “An Ambitious Apprentice”, “Lunar Love”, and “The Knight”.

A short discussion than ensued in which Kenneth first showed the typical timeline of a hero’s journey that many fantasy stories, including classics such as The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, follow. We then shared our favorite fantasy stories, Harry Potter and Star Wars being the main favorites of the night.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, where you can experience all the fun for yourself besides just reading about it!

Have a happy Thanksgiving,

Your Blog Editor Amanda



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