The Time of the Beasts

Written by: Kenneth, Ella, Amanda, Evan, and Sarah

Night falls over the forest. Now is the time of the beasts, over is the time of civilized humans. The griffin flies over, looking to eat. Deep beneath the snow a mouse scurries, but the griffin’s keen hearing can still pick up the vibrations.

The griffin, with its superior vision, manages to get a glimpse of its prey. It swoops in, going for the kill. Its sharp claws break through the powdery snow, grasping the mouse tightly. It takes the mouse back to its nest. Another meal has been found by the majestic creature. The sun begins to set and night starts to fall.

The night air is chilly, but luckily the griffin has its meal to keep it full. From his vantage point high in the trees he can look out at the whole forest-his home. It is beautiful.

Suddenly the griffin senses something is not right. Just then an earsplitting call sounds from a cluster of trees that the griffin sees from three miles away. Its eyes sharpening the griffin takes to the sky. He does not recognize the call, but it is no matter-a curious beast, he is keen to investigate. He flies, swift and silent as an owl, closing the distance quickly, and upon seeing the intruder he opens his great beak and screeches in response.

The offender is a creature similar to the griffin: a hippogriff.

The griffin recognizes its intention to overtake his territory. The rivalry between the griffins and hippogriffs is centuries old.

The griffin flies in close to the hippogriff, who, instead of engaging, sweeps high above the cover of the clouds. The griffin follows, but once he pierces the cloud cover he is greeted by a flock of hippogriffs.

They speak in unison. “The wild savagery of the forest must be stopped. Go and tell the other beasts of their certain death.”

The griffin flies away silently knowing that war is coming.



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