The Knight

Written by: Kenneth, Ella, Amanda, Evan, and Sarah

All seemed normal at the Renaissance Faire, save for the 10th century knight who had no idea how he’d gotten there.

How did I get here? The knight thought. He looked around, perplexed. “Something feels wrong here” he said as a group of fair goers looked at their cell phones. I was about to lead my army into battle a brief moment ago.

The knight really tried to remember what had happened, but everything was just a blur in his mind. There was suddenly a small boy tugging excitedly on his shirt. “Cool costume!” he said with a huge grin on his face.

Costume? The knight thought. I’m not wearing a costume…

Looking around he noticed that no one else was wearing armor.

The people surrounding him were all staring at him. He frowned, wondering what their problem was. The little boy poked him. “Can I try on your helmet?”

“No!” the knight exclaimed. “I am a knight! I do not share my armor with peasant boys!”

“But I’m King Arthur!” the little boy exclaimed excitedly. The knight snorted.

You?” he scoffed. “Well, there is a funny jest if I ever heard one. Why, you have probably never seen the likes of a king like that in your life!”

“You have to do what I say.” Arthur exclaimed with nothing but chivalry.

The knight relented. “What is your command my king?”

“Gimme your helmet.”

“As you wish.” The knight removed his helmet to reveal a battle scarred face. He placed the helmet on Arthur’s head.

“Cool!” the small boy exclaimed.

A few seconds later a bright flash occurred, thrusting the knight back into the 10th century in the heat of combat. The lack of a helmet left him vulnerable, causing  a member of the opposing army to decapitate his head. He had no time to react as he was still in shock at what happened. A tragic death caused by nothing other than spontaneous time travel.



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