Surprises of the Forest

Written by: Kenneth, Ella, Amanda, Evan, and Sarah

The fairy flew into the forest. She was excited to go to the special ball that was being held by the waterfall. Creatures of all kinds were invited to attend. Since it was early spring the air still had some chill in it. The pink flowers blurred in her vision-she was flying fast in her excitement.

Since she was flying so fast she did not see the giant leaf that smacked her in the face. She fell down, down, down to the mossy forest floor below. Her ears ringing she tried to stand up but promptly fell down again.

“Are you alright?” a voice behind her asked.

“Yes, I shall be fine” she said as she turned around. She was startled to see a stag surveying her, nostrils flared, eyes filled with concern, his horns locked into a hack position.

“M’ lady” the stag explained, “the forest is not safe for a lone fairy.”

I don’t need protection, she thought, but she was also afraid. “I’m heading to the ball-perhaps you could accompany me there.”

“You know,” the stag said grinning, “I was planning on going stag.”

The pair continued on their way to the ball, the stag accompanying her and standing guard. As they approached the ball they heard a strange noise behind some bushes. “What was that?” the fairy wondered.

“I’ll go investigate” the stag volunteered.

“No! Don’t go alone-it might be dangerous” the fairy said. “I’ll go with you.” The pair crept toward the bushes.

“Surprise!” all of the fairy’s friends shouted.

“It’s your birthday?” asked the stag.

“Oh yeah it is! I must have forgotten when I fell and hit my head.”

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter, music, and most importantly, cake.



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