An Ambitious Apprentice

Written by: Kenneth, Ella, Amanda, Evan, and Sarah

In the tower the apprentice shall take over the master. He was an apprentice of spells and his master was a warlock. The master is harsh with the apprentice, punishing him for even the smallest mistakes. The apprentice wanted to be the greatest warlock the world had ever known, but he had never intended to be an apprentice.

However, he had to start somewhere. Yet even so, as the days wore into weeks, and on into months, his cruel master turned the apprentice into the warlock he wanted to be. In fact, he grew so powerful that a time came when he decided he had outgrown the master, and would repay him the very kindness he had been shown. He devised a plan, and late one night, the time came to put it into action, for he knew the master would not allow him to leave peacefully.

In his small room he cast a storm spell-thundra, trapping his master and isolating him from the protection of the guild. He waited for the master to fall asleep.  He silently walked to the outside of the master’s room, waiting to see if he was truly asleep. He slowly opened the door, making sure that the creaks of the door wouldn’t wake him up.

The master lay peacefully in his bed asleep. The only light in the room was the flickering candle, causing shadows to dance on the wall. The apprentice felt giddy with anticipation of success. Slowly inching into the room, he quietly muttered the spell.

A mist appeared in the room. So thick was the mist that he could no longer see the master. Suddenly a loud bang sounded and the mist instantly disappeared. The apprentice looked to the master’s bed, but nothing was there. The apprentice heard a creak and he whirled around. There stood the master, his eyes glowing with fury. The master waved his hands and the apprentice felt like he could not breathe. With one twitch of his hand, the apprentice’s neck snapped. He was no more.



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