Comics and Suspense: Meeting Recaps

Hello Blog Readers!

My apologies for combining two meeting summaries in one. But that just means there’s more for you to enjoy reading!

Our meeting before last produced a lively discussion about comic books. But before that two teams competed in a game of trivia to see who knew the most general comic book knowledge. The Powerpuffs triumphed over the Armadillos with a score of 7 to 5. The trailer for Mad Max was the viewing pleasure of the evening. Many differing types of comics were discussed, including manga, classics such as Archie, and of course superheroes.

Our most recent meeting got us in the Halloween spirit as we discussed suspense. To immerse ourselves into the literary genre, we listened to a dramatic reading of “Harold”, a short story part of the series Scary Stories to Read in the Dark. Meant for children, the illustrations in the book had to be changed as they were deemed too scary. Three rounds of mafia were then played. Our discussion focused on what elements create suspense and how suspense differs from horror. A main point we agreed on was the ambiguity of suspense.

Speaking of suspense and Halloween, come to our Murder Mystery Party! Date and location to be announced.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment or submit any piece of writing.

Your Blog Editor,




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