Part 7: NaNoWriMo ’12

She’d scarcely had time to herself since she’d been chosen for the position of Ambassador—she hadn’t had time to really think about what such a position would mean for her, or the people close to her, or of the extent to which her new role would change her life. It had been while she was sitting there next to Drystan that she’d realized exactly how leaving Mindondelu would change her life; she hadn’t wanted to, but sitting quietly in the stillness of the forest made such a realization unavoidable.

We can no longer go on as we have, she’d realized, and it’s all my doing.

And when he’d pulled away—not allowed her to kiss him goodbye—she had been sad, and a little disappointed, but not at all surprised.

It was the memory of this that drove her feet now, even though hours had past and her body was long past the point of exhaustion. Ever since that day she’d felt, in a strange sort of way, as though she’d betrayed him, or even abandoned him. By leaving, she felt, she’d let him down. But she wouldn’t do that now, she decided, she wouldn’t put her love for the elves before him again.

Even if it meant travelling to Lyenta, marching her one-woman army straight into the heart of Asrial’s dominion.



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