NaNoWriMo ’12: Novel Data (for our authors)



Eryn of Mottlewood (our heroine, human ambassador from the Elves)

Mrs. Bertha Gorit (a kind, older woman)

Mr. Gorit (her husband)

Drystan Gorit (their only son & Eryn’s childhood friend)

Elric (a Mindondelu guard)

Fred (a younger Mindondelu guard)

The Council Members of Mindondelu



Asrial [m] (lich or self-immortalized sorcerer of the Golems)

Other Creatures

Éleglan [f] (a mischief-loving forest nymph who can turn invisible)


Mindondelu (a human village where the Gorit family lives)

Mottlewood (a small forest villiage, where Eryn was born)

The Great Mountains (in West Kirtania; the largest mountain range on the island)

East Mountains (where the golems lives—the most eastern part of the Great Mountains)

Lyenta (the golem stronghold in the East Mountains)

Fields of Urr (a large mountain less, treeless expanse of almost barren wilderness that separates East Kirtania and the Great Mountains from West Kirtania and the Forests of Hadryn)

Forests of Hadryn (the gigantic mass of forests that make of the majority of West Kirtania)

Venterna River (the large river that runs through the centre of the Fields of Urr)

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