NaNoWriMo: Society Style!

NaNoWriMo: Society Style!

National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo) is a non-profit, annual, internet-based, creative writing project which challenges participants to write 50,000 words of a new novel between November 1 and 30.

The goal of NaNoWriMo is to get a whole novel or part of a novel done by a deadline; it encourages you to write (even if what you write is… not so great) and keep writing.

How does The Society participate?

Instead of one lone person attempting to write an entire novel by themselves… while studying/working at college… WE, The English Society, organize a team each year to write a NaNoWriMo novel ’round-robin-style’.

What does that mean?

Person A writes a bit of story. Person B, the next day, reads what person A wrote and continues writing where A left off. The next day, C reads over what A & B have written and continues writing where B left off. So on & so forth until November 30th!

How are we assigned days?

After you sign up and give us your writing availability, we assign you a slot on a first-come/ first-served basis. The longer you wait to sign up the less likely you are to get a convenient writing time.

Remember: the amount you are assigned depends on the number of people that sign up (the more sign ups, the fewer words per writer) so encourage your friends to participate and help make this stress-free for everyone!

What are make-up days?

Depending on the number of sign ups, we may be able to create make-up days: one or two days at the end of the month when team members who missed their assigned day (for whatever reason) have a chance to meet their assigned word-count and earn their contributor’s prize!

when/how do i learn when i’ve been assigned?

The schedule will be posted on the blog feed and on the ‘Team Calendar’ page by 12:00pm on October 31st, so be sure to check!

How do I know how many words to write?

The number of words we need you to help us write will be posted by each assignment slot on the ‘Team Calendar’.

How do we decide what to write?

We’ll post a poll for you to vote on genre. Then the first assigned writer simply takes it from there.

Contribution guidelines?

Don’t worry about writing brilliant, witty, Nobel-prize-winning prose! That’s not the goal. We’re only ask that you:

  • Write your chunk of the novel as best you can, on the day assigned.
  • Avoid taking the novel in a completely different direction (ie: switching genres or changing P.O.V. for no reason)
    • Try to keep track of/ tie-in what’s been written before you, as best you can.
  • Keep your contributions, as always, as PG-13as possible:
    • Please avoid explicit or graphic references to sex, drugs, alcohol
    • Please avoid graphic or disturbing descriptions of gruesome or gory violence
    • And please avoid superfluous rude language

How do I submit my written contribution?

Email it to the blog editor ( as a DOC/DOCX attachment, Google Doc, or pasted into the body of the email. Be sure to put something like “NaNoWriMo contribution” in the subject line, so she doesn’t miss it!

Please don’t submit NaNoWriMo contributions via the Blog Submissions page… That’d just confuse us….

Where can each new part of the novel be read?

Each part will be posted as a regular blog post as it is received.

But, in addition, each part of the novel will be posted on the most current NaNoWriMo novel page–giving you the complete novel in progress! That way everyone can follow the development of the novel and give feedback!

How do we finish the novel?

At the end of the month there will be a party for NaNoWriMo contributors: during which we will eat cookies, award prizes AND (as a group) finish up the novel as best we can!

Although NaNoWriMo “ends” November 30th, we can keep working on the novel until it’s properly finished. Contributions, at that point, wouldn’t be scheduled, but would still be submitted the same way.

How do I participate?



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