“Remember September 11”

Remember, remember, the second Tuesday in September, and all what it brought.
I know of no reason why the date or the season should ever be forgot.

The month and the day are engraved in a way that none should ever forget.
The events or the place or the public disgrace or the lives that were changed that day.
In many a form and many a way many a thing was changed that sad Tuesday.
The lives that were lost, the people who know, the changes in travel & how you can go.

The people who stood and the people who cried especially for the people who died.
Many were saved and many were turned, while so many others were simply burned.
Even for those who heard from far away, their lives still effected by that sad Tuesday.
The scars on so many, to this day still remain, healing impossible, hearts unchanged.
The unthinkable happened, unforeseen came true, a nation asked what now to do.
Decisions were made, and changes occurred and many fine lines were simply blurred.
Let us remember, let us never forget, lest we once again become complacent.
~ By: Caleb Patterson (2012)
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